January 2, 2013

Whole-Wheat Pierogi (Polish dumplings) with Sweet Potato Filling

I’ve spent Christmas in my home country, Poland, and I must tell you there is nothing like traditional Polish Christmas eve food. Poppy seed pie, mushroom and beet soup, cabbage with peas, carp fish are just a few of the dishes served during the evening! Pierogi, Polish dumplings which at Christmas are filled with cabbage and mushrooms, are one of my favorite Christmas dishes and while most of people are fed up with pierogi by the end of the holidays, I got inspired to make my own healthy ‘Polish Fusion’ type of the dish– whole-wheat and stuffed with sweet potato filling.

For the dough:
225g wholewheat flour (you can also use regular flour), plus more for dusting
100ml hot water
1 egg
Pinch of salt

For the filling:
2 big sweet potatoes
2 onions, peeled and chopped
2 tbs olive oil

Wash the potatoes and puncture the skin in a few places. Put in the microwave on 600W for about 10 minutes. Scoop out the flesh to a small bowl.
Heat 2 tbs olive oil, add onion and bake for a few minutes, stirring occasionally, until it starts to turn golden.  Add onion to the sweet potato and mix. Set aside.

Sieve the flour onto a pastry sheet. Pour hot water over it and wait for 5 minutes. Add egg and pinch of salt and start kneading dough gently until the ingredients are blended and the dough is smooth (about 3 to 5 minutes).

Flour the surface again and gently roll the dough with a rolling pin until about 3 mm thick. Cut circles of dough with a 7cm cookie cutter. Hold each in the palm of your hand, filling the center of it with a generous teaspoon of the sweet potato mixture. Gently fold the round in half, pulling the edges away and pinching them firmly shut to enclose the filling. Be sure the edges are sealed.

Bring a pot of salted water to boil and throw pierogi in for a minute. Boil the pierogi until they float.  You can serve them cooked or bake them for a minute on each side in a little bit of olive oil.

Serve as lunch, with dinner or as party bites!

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  1. Beautiful modern pierogi ruskie :)

  2. If you are a caterer and are doing a heavy hors d’ouevres party for 50 how many different hors d’ouevres would you serve and what quantity of each???. . Thanks.

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