November 3, 2015

STOKKE ON THE GO: This new momma shares her favourite food hotspots


STS_0594I’ve been crusin’ with my Stokke Crusi stroller for a few weeks now and I’ve been the biggest fan of it since pretty much the first walk we took on day 9 of Fer’s life. It’s just so comfortable and so easy to maneuver, I can pretty much ride it with one hand! Even on the tougher roads here in the countryside. I was so happy when I was asked to participate in a new project from the brand called “Stokke On The Go”. The idea behind it is that influencers share their favorite hotspots related to mommy/kid time. As Fer is still tiny and we can’t do much other than eat together haha and yes, because momma is a foodie who is constantly hungry (now even more, thank you breastfeeding), I naturally wanted to share my favorite food hotspots with you. One is my all times favourite since forever and ever, and one I recently discovered and was immediately obsessed with.


stokke on the go

stokke on the go
I’ve been coming to Lombardia pretty much since I moved to Belgium. If I lived in Antwerp, I would probably never start a food blog as I would eat there every day. I’m not even kidding you. I swear I would. Eating well is one of my secrets to living a happy life and I’ve been eating healthy ever since I remember but when I got pregnant and was suddenly responsible for a tiny human being, I was even more picky of the quality of the foods I was eating. That has not change since I gave birth – I am breastfeeding so consuming products of great quality is a must and there is just no better place to get my boost of vitamins and nutritious foods than Lombardia!
Little Fer is only a few weeks old so it’s not easy to go out and definitely not easy to eat out as I’m breastfeeding and Fer is one hungry munchkin (must be my genes). I don’t know whether it’s because I feel at home there or because the atmosphere in Lombardia is so relaxed or because the owner Alain just loves kids and welcomes the breastfeeding moms (and trust me not every restaurant is open to this!), our afternoon in Antwerp was one of my favorite get-away’s since I gave birth!

stokke on the go copy

My picks:
- Juice of the day (always amazingly delicious and because I like the element of surprise)
- Ginger love (so good when the days get colder and you need a boost)
- Mexican Vegan Burger (THE best guacamole, THE best falafel, THE best vegan burger in the world – that’s what I always eat + take one home for the next day)

Address: Lombardenvest 78, 2000 Antwerp



stokke on the go2

Next to a gorgeous interior store Simple and organic ice cream shop Tromelhoeve, the reason to go for a walk to the Vismarkt in Mechelen is a new place called Sister Bean. Opened last June, it has already made my favorite breakfast/brunch/afternoon coffee spots list. In the weekend, I like to go there and spend a few hours chilling with other momma’s (I feel so lucky that many of my friends have given birth pretty much the same time as I did!) while munching on pancakes, homemade granola, homemade jams on a delicious bread and of course, amazing coffee (because beans hehe).

stokke on the go

My picks:
- Do the brunch in the weekend!
- Brownie (OMG it’s to die for and it’s sooo big)
- Coffee (even decaf is amazing)

Address: Vismarkt 26, 2800 Mechelen

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