June 3, 2016


Parenthood is never quite what we expected. I was ready for a lot of aspects of it as I have done my fair share of babysitting (fair share meaning babysitting has basically gotten me through university!) so I knew how to change diapers, make baby food or prepare a bottle. I knew that it involved a lot of sleepless nights (although I must say I WAY underestimated that) and I knew I would dedicate every moment of my day to this new little person and I was ready to do that. The reason I waited with having kids is because I’m way too ambitious and I want to do way too much for one lifetime. I decided that when I have a baby, I want to enjoy staying at home, changing poop diapers, having showers at 5 pm if at all instead of dying of jealousy looking at my instagram feed of people doing fabulous things I am not able to do (ok, I did manage to write another book but you will see that it took away the little sleep I had on my ageing face haha).

OBVIOUSLY I was not prepared for many other aspects of parenthood. Like breastfeeding, which did not turn out to be ‘boob calms baby down’ kind of situation but rather ‘baby can’t latch on and when baby learns he starts hating the boob and mom ends up being stuck at the pump for months as mom does not give up easily’ kind of a scenario. Anywhow, what I was also not prepared for was the freaking huge amount of laundry that I suddenly had to do. I KID YOU NOT. Nobody told me that laundry was gonna be my middle name. Nobody told me that when I finally did get the baby to sleep (oh yes, that’s another one I was not prepared for, a baby that does not like to sleep), I would spend the ‘free time’ on collecting laundry from EVERYWHERE, getting rid of poop stains, drying laundry, folding laundry, laundry laundry laundry.


If someone asked me if I wanted to try out a new washing machine a year ago, I would yawn and refused them very nicely. Laundry was not on my list of interests and I put very little attention to do except that it had to be done at some point. If you told me I would get overexcited reading words like 12 KG OF LAUNDRY, EXTRA DOOR TO ADD WASH ANYTIME, SUPERSPEED FUNCTION, BETTER STAIN PENETRATION…. I would seriously laugh in your face. Like, bitch please, laugh in your face. Well, when I got an email asking if I want to test a new Samsung AddWash machine, I was ready to admit I am not that same person anymore.


Let’s get real here. Baby diapers EXPLODE. Not literally, this is not a safety warning, but oh boy you will see your share of what I call poop volcanos and these are not fun to deal with especially when caked into clothing. And then there is food. Babies are dirty eaters and if you do Rapley method as we do, you will see food everywhere, baby clothing, your clothing, anything that has been in the vicinity of baby while he was eating.

Before AddWash, I spent lots of my time trying to pre-treat the stains before washing the clothes because hey, baby clothes are not cheap, but also because my sister had a baby on the way and I knew these clothes were gonna have a second life.

This is where AddWash has saved me SO MUCH time – the machine has this ecobubble technology that mixes air, water and detergent to create bubbles that penetrate clothes faster and helps you get rid of stains as well as wash at cooler temperatures (no shrinking baby clothes thank you very much). I stopped pre-treating stains pretty much 95% of the time. The only type of stains you might want to still pre-treat is the nasty yellow breastfeeding poop (you know what I’m talking about). For that I used Dr. Beckmann stain soap stick which I swear by. addwash ADDWASH FUNCTION: THE EXTRA DOOR TO ADD LAUNDRY

Okay, so we 3D print shizzle, clone shizzle so how did no one think of this before? I absolutely hate stopping the laundry cycle to add something I forgot. And there is always something, a dirty tshirt in the kitchen, peed on onesie in the bed, 5 baby washcloths in the bathroom (doesn’t my life sound just absolutely FABULOUS!). It took forever till it would let me open the door again and most of the time baby would cry or would need a new diaper and I would forget about the laundry all in all. I never ever want a life without the extra door in the washing machine THANK YOU!


Where do I find 12 kg of laundry? HAHA easy peasy, take one walk around my house. DONE. Less time doing laundry, more time to do something for me, like taking a shower. Or writing another book haha – priorities right? addwash SMART CONTROL 

Ok, so as much as the geek in me is excited about the SmartControl app on my phone that allows me to manage the laundry from any place in the house, do you know what the best part of this whole thing is? It lets me know when my laundry is done! I know, it sounds ridiculous but I have this horrible habit of doing laundry the whole day and then forgetting the last one, till the next day, or the day after… when that happens, I can just start the whole thing again because those clothes are everything but fresh. You know how many laundries I have forgotten in the last 3 weeks? NONE. NONE!

So yes, this is pretty much what my life is about now haha. But I love it. I really do. I would not change it for any other type of fabulous (the one without poop, and heaps of laundry and stuff).


  1. Leen says:

    Oh zo herkenbaar :-). De was doen was ook nooit een issue bij mij en nu lijkt die was ineens mijn leven te beheersen, wie had dat ooit gedacht? Je review is heel leuk geschreven, zo grappig en herkenbaar!

  2. Princess Misia says:

    @LEEN Ja tooooch??? Zo’n klein mensje en precies 10 keer meer was dan 2 volwassenen haha THE LIFE WE LEAD HUH? ;)

  3. Sofie says:

    Oh my gosh, it’s like you’re describing my life! I saw there is a cash back at shedeals now, I am very tempted to get AddWash too!

  4. Princess Misia says:

    @Sofie Oh there is? That’s great news! Well, if your life looks like mine indeed, it’s a worthy investment!

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