June 15, 2014

My little secret is out.

Hello friends,

I know that I have been awfully quiet here on the blog for the past few months so I am really happy to finally be able to share the real reason behind my ‘negligence’ with you: I was making my dream come to life.


The book is an extension of my work here on the blog as well as my seasonal magazine LUSCIOUS. It is a little different, a lot more playful and full of brand new vegetarian recipes! You will have to wait till September to find out more but I can already share the cover with you:

cover final blog

For those who don’t speak Dutch (yes, the book is now coming out in Dutch – the tagline of the book is ‘PLAYFULL vegetarian recipes for FOUR season ‘ – hence FOURPLAY).

Making this cookbook has been the most wonderful, learning and gratifying experience of my life. At the same time, it has been the hardest, most scary and frustrating experience I’ve ever gone through. I literally went through all phases of what they call a creative process. That included excitement, joy, happiness, creative block, hitting the wall, frustration, happiness, more excitement and a great portion of joy and relief when I finished all the recipes and photos. I put my whole heart to it so I really hope you guys like it!

I am lucky to be in such great hands with my publisher Davidsfonds Uitgeverij, especially my lovely mentor Veerle Moureau. Ewelina Bocian which you might know as she is also a designer behind LUSCIOUS has taken care of the layout of the book and has done the most ah-mazing job!

Another big thank you to my talented husband for shooting the cover for the book, Allison Scott for make-up and hair and Maureen Soenen for making sure I do not invent new words in Dutch.

And thank you to all you guys who have been following my adventures here. It has been five years since I started this blog to share recipes with my friends and I never thought I would meet so many wonderful people through it and get so many amazing opportunities.

Big hug,



9 Responses to “My little secret is out.”

  1. Denise | TLT says:

    Oh love! I am so, so proud of you! Really excited and sooooo happy for you! You deserve this! Can’t wait to see it, xoxoxo

  2. Princess Misia says:

    aaaaw, thank you so much dear! Champagne on me when I come to visit! :D

  3. mike says:

    haha cool title! so you! waar kunnen we deze kookboek kopen?

  4. Princess Misia says:

    @mike – thankeeee! bookstores, online and for a signed version here ;) all as of September!

  5. Paula says:


    It’s great you can make your dream come true!!! You deserve it!!! Or so I think :P

    As I said, the cover is pretty and fun :D Nice that your husband took the photo!!!

    But, please, I hope and wait for a translation of the book!!!! I need it!!! :P Note that, in Dutsch, I can’t see what words you’ve invented, and that’s the most funny :p Just kidding!!

    Congrats again :D

    Un beso, Marta!!!!

  6. Finla says:

    Wowo Congratulations .

  7. Princess Misia says:

    @Paula – gracias amiga! I love getting your sweet messages! I hope one day the book will be out in other languages as well but I can’t promise anything ;) Un beso enorme!

  8. Princess Misia says:

    Thank you so much Finla! I am really thrilled about it! :D

  9. Simone says:

    How did I end up missing all that exciting news… !!! Wow…. How cool is that! Can’t wait to get my hands on one! Whoohoo!

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