December 8, 2013

London is calling … YOU!

Hi everyone! I have a giveaway I think you’ll like! Eurostar has recently introduced a new service in Business Premier: afternoon tea! I am excited about this as I am a big fan of afternoon tea – I even celebrated my last birthday with one! Most of you probably know this English tradition, but if you don’t – afternoon tea is held in the late afternoon in the UK to provide people with fuel between lunch and dinner, think scones, cakes, little sandwiches and of course tea. Just like the menu Blanc I got to try earlier this year, the afternoon tea was also created by Raymond Blanc.

hello from London

To give you a chance to try the afternoon tea service (and have some fun in London), I will be giving two of you a ticket from Brussels to London and back! How awesome is that? And it only gets better! You will travel in a fancy schmancy manner, Business Premier, and you can take someone with you! Yes, indeed – it’s a double ticket so you can enjoy it with your BFF, boyfriend, mom .. it’s up to you!

Here is how you can win it:

I am going to London next Saturday – to make a chance to win, leave me an awesome tip for the city! It can be food, photography props or anything else worth seeing/trying/doing! If I pick it, you win (so be convincing)!

Here are the conditions for the giveaway:

- There are 2 tickets for 2 people to travel together from Brussels-Midi to London St Pancras International and back (no other stations are included)
- Tickets are given on dates and times according to ticket availability
- The prize is valid for 6 months starting today
- On the return journey, you will need to travel on trains that offer afternoon tea service: this is the 14.04, the 15.04 and the 16.04 (taking into account these trains are running).
- The giveaway ends on Friday, 13th (make it your lucky one) and the winners will be announced in the week of December 16.

Big hug,




Sorry to have kept you waiting with the winner announcement, I have had a busy week since I was back from London but here it is!

I loved ALL your tips and I will definitely use more of them when I go to London next year but in this short trip, my bestie and I have decided to pick two places: we warmed up at the TeaSmith tea bar and spent our salaries at Anthropologie (I just want to move in there)! Therefore the winners are: Ewa & Inge ( – congratulations!!! Please send me an email to to arrange your tickets!

Lots of love,


*This is a personal post / Eurostar is a client of Mediabrands*


26 Responses to “London is calling … YOU!”

  1. Carmen says:

    Burger & Lobster! And then get the lobster roll! You don’t have to peel the lobster, they have taken all the delicious lobster meat out of it’s shell for you and have put it in a crunchy cripsy sweaty bread (an entire lobster in a bun, how nice is that?). You get melted herb butter to dip your utterly delicious fries in. The vibe is vibrant and casual. Really really lovely!

  2. Isabelle says:

    Oh my! I need a London fix so badly, so of course I am joining in! Thanks for the opportunity :)

    I am not sure if I like the things in London anyone else likes – I like watching ducks in the park on my favourite bench, or afternoon drinks at the (now closed) russian bar in Primrose Hill. So I hope you like my proposition ;-) Anyway, the golden tip for Saturday! (I suppose I can only give you one?) If you like cheese/communal tables/loads of character, head to The Fromagerie in Marylebone. Marylebone has one of the very prettiest high streets in London, especially during this time of the year! Expect loads of furniture/deco shops (up your alley for some props?) + Christmas warmth like you’ve never experienced it before. And while you’re in Marylebone, head to Alfies Antique Market for some photography props. Never been, but there should be some treasures to be found there.

    And if you’re not sure about these two, just go to good old Borough Market. Food lover’s paradise (and Neal’s Yard which is close by & very colorful) :)

  3. Sunny says:

    Oh I haven’t been to London for years and years!!! I’m not even sure I remember much about it, but have you been to the zoo? That is one memorably good zoo! All the animals there seem SO. HAPPY! You know how most zoo animals are kinda lethargic and sad? That is not what I remembered from the London zoo!

  4. Axelle Van Laethem says:

    The London eye… a must see when you visit London, it’s a bit futuristic and very impressionnant. Unfortunately, it’s a well overpriced attraction in my opinion (29 £). If you want a cheap-ass, but good or even better, alternative, go to the Monument (Fish Street Hill). It looks like a massive statue, but it isn’t! It’s a 61 meters high tower with a great panoramic view ánd above all, not too touristy. For only 3 £ (!!!) you may enjoy the breathtaking view from the top of 311 stairs. I loved it & you will love it too!

  5. inge says:

    Thé place to be: Ed’s!
    To get the best burger in town, and get transported into the Fonz’ Happy Days! Fast food at its best, high quality burgers in a sixties interior, yet in the heart of the city, near Picadilly Circus and Regent street – the ideal lunchbreak before continuing your shopping experience, and booking your musical tickets for the evening. London calling!

  6. Salima says:

    Who would miss such an opportunity!? There are two places I recommend you go.
    Last time I went to London, I discovered the Bourough Market, a colourful and multicultural market yet tipically British. When you’re facing the main entrance of the market on Bourough High Street, you have to take the little street on your left. You’ll find a little down below, on your right, a small Argentinian shop where they make scrumptious empanadas and a dulce de leche with sea salt to die for… The second place is a Japanese common tables’ restaurant called Wagamama. The food is a mix of Japanese and South-East Asian. Delicious!
    I agree that these are nor really British but, if you’ve already been to London a few times, I’m sure you’d like to try something new ;-)

  7. I’ve been to London a few times and have recently been looking for new parts of the city to explore. My eye fell on Brixton, in particular Brixton Market. It has a very lively, multicultural atmosphere and themed Saturday markets. Next Saturday, it’ll be Markers’ Market, which means crafty locals will be selling handmade goods, ranging from special tea mixes to woolly hats and scarves to handmade soap to… It looks awesome and i think it would be perfect for some Christmas shopping!

    And i seem to remember something about your love for cupcakes? :) In the Brixton Market Row, you’ll find Ms. Cupcake “The naughtiest vegan cakes in town”. It’s a vegan cupcake shop with gorgeous cakes, cookies and other baked goods. Some are even gluten-free. The styles and flavors at Ms. Cupcake are very creative. There are cupcakes with names like cotton candy, fruity madness, caramel biscuit, or pistachio choc. They’ve also recently released a recipe book with tips and tricks on vegan baking, and they sell some colorful tools for the home baker.

  8. Ine Benzine says:

    Hey Marta

    here is my secret tip to get an amazing free view on the Saint Paul’s Cathedral:
    there is a shopping mall on the street that’s called “cheap side”. take the elevator all the way to the roof and… voilà (-:

  9. Julie says:

    24 hours in London…

    London is a city with so much variety, there are many first bests to pick from. Below my take on a perfect 24 hours in London…

    Start your day central with a hearty breakfast at The Wolseley. It is a cafe/restaurant in the grand european tradition and a must-do for everyone in London (best to reserve!). And if you are an early riser, why not a run in Hyde Park before?

    After that, there are many things one can do: if you’re a foodie, then skip the shopping and go to Borough Market to try some delicious cheeses, cured meats, et cetera, or to just enjoy the picturesque atmosphere which is always lovely there. If you are not afraid of heights, visit the Shard, which is right next to it, right after. It is the new London Eye and gives one of the best views in London. If you are afraid of heights, however, why not go to the Tate, which is just a short walking distance away. Upstairs, they have a lovely cafe/restaurant which offers beautiful views on London’s St Paul’s cathedral. If you want to see it from closeby, why not cross the Thames via the Millenium Bridge and experience it first hand.

    If you had an early breakfast, or prefer to skip breakfeast and go for brunch, try out Duck and Waffle. Closeby St Paul’s cathedral and located on the 40th floor of Heron Tower, it is the highest restaurant in the UK, featuring unparalleled City views and a menu to match. Try their signature dish, “Duck & Waffle”, it is to die for! This restaurant/cocktail bar is open 24 hours by the way, so if you are up in the middle of the night and want a fancy bite, this is the place to be!

    Next let’s go a little more central again. Liberty is the place to be for shopping – frequented by many models and stylists. Check out their cute stationery department for Christmas cards, or Le Labo in their beauty department where they sell scented candles, perfumes and body lotions of which the label can be personalised with your name, adress, … the perfect Christmas gift if you still need to find some stocking fillers. Upstairs, it’s the place-to-be for the latest trends in fashion.

    It is the Christmas period, so London will be very busy and, by now, a break imposes itself. Take a break and relax a little while at Urban Tea rooms which is just 2-3 minutes from Liberty. Situated in Kingly Street, a street parallel to/in between Regent Street and Carnaby Street, we are now entering London’s Soho area. Go British, and try out their scones with jam and a warming cup of your favourite tea. If this was not enough for you, why not go to Soho’s Cowshed spa afterwards and treat yourself with a lovely mani-pedi before heading out for the night.

    Now that you’re all warmed up again, maybe it is time for some real shopping, because while Liberty is the place-to-be for fashion, it will leave us with quite a few dimes less. Check out the J.Crew on Regent Street for instance, it just opened. If you’re a foodie, pass by the Whole Foods store closeby Picadilly Circus. Or how about taking the tube to Harrods (Picadilly line: Picadilly Circus > Knightsbridge) to check out their newly renovated and super cool 4th floor, which they now call the “Fashion Lab”?

    By now it is time to head back to the hotel, take a power-nap and get ready for the night! There are a lot of great restaurants in London so here are a few proposals depending on what you are in the mood for: La Poule au Pot (Chelsea – for the romantic souls), La Bodega Negra (Covent Garden/Soho), Duck Soup (Covent Garden/Soho), Pizza East (Shoreditch), Yashin Ocean (South Kensington), Apero (South Kensington), Flat Iron (Soho – delicious steak), Spuntino (Soho)

    After dinner, how about a drink in one of London’s speakeasies before heading down to the club in the night.. Depending on where you go for dinner, try out Experimental Cocktail Club (Chinatown), Evans and Peel (Earls Court) or Barts (South Kensington). After drinks, head down to dance to Ruski’s Tavern, London’s newest hot spot, frequented by Prince Harry and company. If you are up for a night out Austrian apres-ski style, try out the place across the street called Bodo’s Schloss.

    Enjoy London!

  10. Princess Misia,

    Going to London, at first do a little happy dance in your ‘Rudolph’ pj’s cause London is one of the most exciting cities. I love London, I breathe London,… At first, London is the place to be, to just be yourself. (as if you wouldn’t love to go shopping in the same pj’s right) Paint your nails, wear your favorite outfit, cause it’s gonna be the greatest adventure (next to your trip to Australia and I’m pretty sure you won’t see koala’s over there) but hey they do have plenty of food. Score right? ;)
    One of my favorite places to visit is… well, just everything. London is all about discovering new things, cool places and lovely café’s where you can enjoy the atmosphere and just sit around the local (cool) people. But if I had to give you one tip – it would be a memorie (as old as time) I’ve always treasuring and remembering going to London. When I was 12 (and 14, and 16,…) my parents and I went to London during Christmas. As my father is a big fan of music, he always took us to his favorite city too to discover London at its best. We saw the coolest things. But what I will always remember is him taking us to China Town to have a festive meal. As a kid ‘all you can eat’ formulas are a great way of celebrating right. And that’s what we did. Eat plenty of Chinese food. Find ourselves the best restaurant over there. And just eat, for only 8 pounds. It’s all about finding and discovering the best you can get over there and although this will probably be not ‘the best’ food, the memorie is the greatest place to go to…


    With love,

  11. Laura Bruneel says:

    London calling?

    Check out the ambience at Notting Hill’s hidden place The Cow.
    Loudy crowdy pub downstairs for a good angus beef, classy-cosy tables upstairs for a lovely dinner.

    Why go there? When my boyfriend and me visited London a few years back, he got sick of watching too much Tate Modern art. Go figure :-) That evening, we had reserved a spot at The Cow – marvellous dining room with maybe 10 tables. Just my luck? Whilst Jakob couldn’t swallow one bite of the gnocchi nero, I enjoyed both our meals :-) So good…
    Recommended: a good old fashioned beer as starter, a lush dinner in the salon…
    Have a magical evening at The Cow :-) And… don’t get sick!

  12. Liz says:

    However short your flying weekend visit, you’ve just got to get down to Electric Avenue courtesy of Brixton Tube Station. Brixton Market is amazing; street food, world food, gourmet (but not ponsy) food stalls. Then there’s the food market proper jostling one way while the other is for vintage, flea and all sorts of paraphernalia. – all you need to plan. Just be aware that this is going to be one day, not an hour’s idling away, especially as you’re a foodie lover.

    I live in Malta and have it on my list to (re)visit while over in the UK at Xmas. I just can’t get enough of Brixton Market, or should I say markets? I even came across an amazing (well reviewed) eatery in the undercover market – it’s The Joint – and has a Maltese connection as one of the chef-founders is Aus-Maltese descent and even makes some Maltese specialities. That’s just by way of example as to how cosmopolitan this market affair is. Try its pulled pork sliders. And a Maltese Qassat (cheesecake ricotta filled pastry).

    Then of course, the retro and flea might just turn up some weird one-offs for your Luscious shoots. Fingers crossed for you and that you make it down Electric Avenue! You’ll beat me to those retro finds!

  13. ewa says:

    Hi there! I lived in London for some months when I was working as a model. It is a great city, but might be overwhelming for visitors if you don’t have some kind of insider’s tips, so that’s actually very good idea to ask for tips.

    What I would recommend you is kind of eco-urban-hip-cultural mix of what the city can offer and what might be of an inspirational value for your future blog posts.

    1. ECO
    New trend in London id everything that is connected to how to live more sustainable in the city. It applies to fashion, but also to shops and restaurants. Try Daylesford Organic in Notting Hill, and you won’t be disappointed! They provide local seasonal products and very tasty bread! Great to stop by when you’ll be in amazing Nothing Hill! Another one to recharge your batteries during shopping in Camden is newly opened Honest Burgers chain made from local produce and with great interior. And the 3rd choice would be to spend an evening on Poland street at The Social Eating House.

    2. URBAN
    If you’re into urban architecture this one might be already know to you, but if not it’s definitely worth checking out. The same guy who made le Centre Pompidou in Paris has just accomplished the super tall viewing platform, I think one of the tallest in the word: The View From The Shard. The view is breathtaking!

    3. HIP:
    East London filled with charming cafes and shops attracts the young and hip, so you need to be part of it! Broadway Market is only a beginning…Try Brick Lane Market on Saturday afternoon or Old Spitalfields Market on Sunday.

    Number one is always Tate Modern, so that even if it reins your staying in London will guarantee good impressions, but this is only one on many that you can visit when having a walk on Southwark: Bankside Gallery or Hayward Gallery in Southbank Centre are my favorite ones!

    And remember, London is so lively that there are countless new places opening here and there, so just keep your eyes wide open and follow your feeling, and it’ll take you exactly where you need to be!

    PS. I remember having the best white tea at TeaSmith unique tea bar! Also my friend who works as model just opened his super trendy place where all the people from this business come for brunch- The Rum Kitchen. And the last thing- you def must go party at The Hangover Club!!!

  14. Agata Mrowiec says:

    Czesc Marta,

    Pamietam dzien kiedy Cie poznalam, kiedy to opowiedzialas mi o meksykanskiej przygodzie i nauce hiszpanskiego. Podazajac tym sladem, tym razem chce Cie zaprosic do przeniesienia sie w czasie i odkrycia skarbow prawdziwego El Dorado znanego takze jako “zaginione miasto zlota Ameryki Poludniowej”.

    O jakim kraju mowa??

    Milego odkrywania :)

  15. Wauw zo leuk!
    Ik ben geen persoon van veel woorden en als ik al die berichtjes hierboven zie, heeft mijn bericht niet veel zin meer maar here goes.. ;)
    Mijn tip is Boundary Rooftop:
    Ik ben er stiekem zelf nog niet geweest maar het ziet er zo magisch uit.
    Veel plezier, hopelijk valt het weer wat mee dit weekend.
    Naomi, x

  16. mich says:


    Remember me? we had lunch W/ Danny & Tony Deruyter from Renault cause you won a Twizy! I’m not with Renault anymore. Had dinner w/ Danny last night. Working on a BOOK right now!! Im so excited doing something I really like.

    Just found this link with BEAUTIFUL DESIGNED food gourmet trucks in London.

    I would love to have lunch with you again. I LOVED your photos in your latest LUSCIOUS magazine.

    have a good day! And hope to see you one day.

    Here are my contact details: – 0499 55 20 13

  17. steph says:

    Als dat nu eens niet de moeite waard is om een gokje te wagen…

    Aangezien het geleden is van het tweede middelbaar dat ik een voet op Londense bodem heb gezet en we ons toen voornamelijk gefocust hebben op de wondermooie katherdraal van Cantherbury (….) denk ik dat anderen misschien meer geplaatst zijn om je ultieme insider tips mee te geven maar indien ik naar Londen zou gaan, zou er maar één must-go adres zijn en dat is Ottolenghi.
    Ik zou ontbijten in Islington of Belgravia, gaan lunchen in Notting Hill en dineren in Soho.Dat zou ik de dag erna opnieuw doen. en de dag daarna ook en daarna….
    Op het einde zou ik hem vragen of hij me wil adopteren. Wat hij vermoedelijk niet zal willen maar ja, een ‘nee’ heb je, een ‘ja’ kan je krijgen.

    Veel plezier

  18. steph says:

    En om er dan maar nog een paar tegenaan te smijten (deze keer van iemand die effectief recent in Londen is geweest en zelf zeer ‘hip&trending’ is:

    Op zaterdag: Portobello (Nothing Hill) (zowel de markt als de hele buurt)
    Goeie aperoplaats= cocktailbar ‘e&o’ in blenheim crescent. Is in een zijstraat van Portobello Road. Ze hebben daar naar’t schijnt hele lekkere tapas
    Qua shoppingbuurt zit je blijkbaar ook goed in en rond Bricklane (oa Rough Trade Store).
    Van daaruit tien minuutjes wandelen en je komt aan de Heron Tower waar je helemaal boven super kan eten en drinken. Een super coole ervaring is om daar te ontbijten of ‘s avonds dinner te nemen bij ‘Sushisamba’
    Hier geldt wel een dresscode ‘s avonds. No sneakers, casual mag wel . Voor zowel ontbijt of dinner moet je reserveren. Dat het niet overdreven duur is, is alleen maar een pluspunt.

  19. Jonneke says:

    O bummer, never been to London (Can you believe that!), so no tips. But I will give you tips for your next trip if you give me the golden ticket!? :) Will be a very good girl & spot nice places for you & (this &-symbol must be in bold actually, according to me) eat five (yes!) times a day to discover more nice food places :-) (And no the high tea isn’t included in that, but will give also full feedback on that)

    Pretty please

  20. Laloe_H says:

    Best tip for London is a small sushi bar close to Leicester Square called Tokyo Diner. From the outside you wouldn’t consider going in but it’s the best tip from a local I ever got. The sushi is delicious. The service hilarious. Really a must try! I know you will be going back!
    Have been there beginning of November but would love to go back :-)

  21. Ruth says:

    Dear Marta,

    To give your London visit a start with some “cachet” have a glass of champagne at Searcy’s Champagne Bar in St-Pancras Station. After that, you’re ready to discover the city. F.e. by staring at beautiful bikes on Old Street. look Mum No Hands is one of the great bike shops here, where you get your bike fixed or have a great coffee or sandwich.

    A bit to the North East of London is the cosy, but vibrant suburb Muswell Hill (underground to Bounds Green, blue line). Have a walk in the beautiful Alexandra Park: the view over London is spectacular. This is also the place where the BBC had its first broadcast. Pass by the the authentic shop of W. Martyn Tea & Coffee specialist. It’s a family run business and the shop didn’t change for years. It’s stacked with tea, coffee and supplies. They roast their own beans. After that you can walk to FEAST, a small, open, fresh restaurant with simple, yet delicious dishes. A really relaxing, happy atmosphere to spend you’re evening here.
    For more info & addresses take a look at my blogposts about it:

  22. Inge says:

    Yaaaay… London! I’ve been wanting to go to London this year so I’m keeping my fingers crossed you’ll pick my tip. LOL! I’d be happy to win the tickets – it would be a very lovely birthday surprise! :-) I just recently had a good chat with a friend of mine who’s also living and working in London and she said for a great coffee house you should go to Kaffeine OR The Nordic Bakery. Both places are cool to hang out in, look great and offer delicious and yummy things… Since you’re all about food I’d thought that’s my tip for London. I want to try them out myself so… ;-)
    If you’d love to shop around, I will give the same tip I’d give myself: shopping in Anthropologie (Regent St has a three story living wall which I want to check out myself!!!) or the design store Folklore and the Conran Shop will definitely bring a smile to your face. At least to mine. ;-) Well, I’m sure it will bring one to your face as well. ;-)
    Have fun in London and I hope we’ll meet soon!
    Hugs, Inge x

  23. Easy one!

    Visit platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Station…
    or go to the Senate House Library where they filmed Batman The dark knight rises.


  24. And this one is maybe more cheesy, but you can also go to Winter wonderland! It has a magical Ice Kingdom, how awesome is that!!!

  25. Laure says:

    Wauw, ik vertrek binnenkort voor 2 daagjes naar Londen en als ik al deze tips hier lees, weet ik niet waar eerst naar toe te gaan als ik aankom in The City!
    Ikzelf ben nog maar 2 keer in Londen geweest, dus zo goed ken ik de stad ook nog niet, maar een avondje naar de musical in Londen kan niet ontbreken! Misschien een beetje cliché en toeristisch, maar er is zeker keuze genoeg in Londen, mijn aanrader is de musical Chicago (niet met Richard Gere zoals in de film:-), maar het blijft een goed verhaal)

  26. Margot says:


    A real go to in London as a foodie is Nopi in Soho, Ottolenghi’s restaurant. Great great food and beautiful decoration! I love the brass and white theme. Go check out the restrooms, you’ll get lost in the tiny space:) Also very convenient that it’s very close to the Anthropologie store. ;-)
    But my favorite London tip is the shop ‘Labour and wait’, a tiny shop in Shoreditch that sells household, bathroom and kitchen stuff. Beautiful things that are simple, honest and quality. I’m sure you would love it too!

    Have fun this weekend!

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