June 10, 2016

Fun & delish bread rolls and sandwiches with Président cheese

Ok, so admit it. Most of your bread rolls suck and are boring as hell. I know they are. I worked in an office long enough to see the oh-my-let-me-yawn sandwiches people bring to work and guys, let me tell you something, it can be so much better. And it won’t take you much more work neither, you will still have to go to the store, you will still have to make your sandwich in the morning (or evening before for the non morning peeps). Same effort, a big difference in your lunch break! I mean check out this goat cheese, blackberry, mint & walnut bread roll. Admit, it’s sooo much better than that ordinary sandwich you had today (if I’m wrong, good for you!!!).


If you’re not the most creative one in the kitchen, Président has created a website full of exciting sandwich and bread roll ideas called Broodje Plezier (the enjoyable bread roll). Think brie and nectarines or strawberries, or goat cheese with mango and popcorn, or camembert with red beet and spinach. Aren’t you drooling already? I am. Check it out and promise me you will ditch that ham & cheese sandwich next week at least for one day and you will try to spoil yourself a little bit with a big, delicious roll!  


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