April 19, 2014

Double Chocolate Alpro Breakfast

This is my fix for a morning chocolate craving: soy yogurt with cocoa powder and delicious toppings! I have received an awesome package from Alpro that included Mild & Creamy yogurts and a box full of healthy toppings from goji berries, through chia seeds to coconut shavings. This one is by far the most awesome one.

300ml Mild & Creamy Natuur
3 tablespoons organic cocoa powder
1 teaspoon maple syrup
3 pecan nuts
1 teaspoon grated coconut
1 teaspoon chocolate shavings

Mix yogurt with cocoa powder and maple syrup. Sprinkle grated coconut, chocolate shavings and top with three pecans. Consider chocolate craving fixed.






3 Responses to “Double Chocolate Alpro Breakfast”

  1. Paula says:

    Oh, I’ve lost all your March post!! Facebook no longer shows all… So sorry!! Ñañaña :P

    Of course, it would be better not to see que London photos, green with envy!!!

    I’ve loved the muffins, I love spelt flour so mucht as oats, so they’re perfect form e.

    And this breakfast, it looks soooo good. You know the pity?? I don’t like soy yougurt!! I can’t!! My mother loves them, so sometimes I try, but I can’!!
    Photos are pretty, and de ‘decoration’ is simple, but beautiful, I love these things!!!

    PD: Do you make those tags for coconut, chocolate and pecans??

  2. Amai, dat ziet er zo lekker uit!
    Naomi, x

  3. Birte says:

    How man, dat ziet er lekker uit. En toevallig heb ik ook alles in huis, op de pecannoten en de kokoosschilfers na ;-).

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