Blueberry & Cream Breakfast With Alpro

It’s weekend so it’s time to spoil yourself with an extra yum breakfast. I have been mixing the Mild & Creamy yogurts from Alpro with all the different toppings I recently received and I’m hooked. Today I decided to be a little naughty and add soy whipped cream to the mix. If you’re a ‘dessert for breakfast’ kind of a person, you will love it. If not, you will probably still love it. It’s blueberry and cream, what’s not to love!?!


Ingredients (makes 2)

500ml Alpro Mild & Creamy Blueberry Soy Yogurt
50ml Alpro Soy Whipping Cream
Dried mango topping

Fill jars with the soy yogurt. Whip the soy cream and top the yogurt with it. Sprinkle with dried mango pieces and have a wonderful morning!

Happy Weeekend!


5 Responses to “Blueberry & Cream Breakfast With Alpro”

  1. Paula

    As you know (or not) I have a little problem with soy milk, but of course I can make this with another milk, and it’s a perfect perfect perfect dessert for breakfast. Or even the dessert itself :D

    Fast and cute, I love your recipes, and your photos, but you knew that!! :P

    Have a nice weekend, Marta!!!!

  2. Princess Misia

    @Paula thank you darling as usual for the kind words ;) You can always substitute soy with other dairy source of course.

    Big hug and enjoy your Sunday!

  3. annie

    yum! i would make this just for the pretty color!! ;) great always..

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