Polish Christmas Cakes

There is no other holiday that I love more than Christmas and there is no other place I would rather spend it in than Poland! Mainly due to the number of traditional dishes that are served on this occasion and rarely at any other time of the year. I thought I would introduce you to some traditional Polish cakes that are made with Christmas and that I absolutely LOVE!

Makowiec – Poppy Seed Cake:  one of the most traditional and typical Polish cakes. In this cake, poppy seeds are placed in between layers of dough which gives makowiec its characteristic looks but there are also other ingredients that make this cake so special including honey, raisins and nuts!

Piernik – Polish Gingerbread: A dark and moist honey cake made with a number of spices including cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, usually served with a chocolate glaze!

Sernik – Cheesecake: the best cheesecake in the world (it is!). One of the most common desserts in Poland, it is made using twaróg, a type of fresh cheese.

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  1. karmel-itka

    ?wi?t Ci ?ycz? aromatycznych. w gronie tych, których kochasz najbardziej.

    wspania?e zdj?cia.
    takie nieskazitelne, czyste. pi?kne.
    i w pe?ni oddaj? smakowito?c tych pi?knych wypieków.

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